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Best Spots for Digital Nomads in Canggu, Bali 2020

2020-02-02 4 min readtravel


After giving the same tips to dozens of people, I decided to list my top places in Canggu, Bali, as for Feb 2020.

Restaurants and Cafe

  • Silk Road Whole Foods - vegan options, whole foods. Delicious lentil soup and wraps.
  • Tygr Sushi - Japanese fusion kitchen. Jackfruit replacement of pork is excellent.
  • Pho HWITTA - best Vietnamese and Thai food in Canggu. Good options, both vegan and meat.
  • Warung OMG - safe warung food (local cheap Balinese style). Recommend chicken soup, be careful with spices.
  • Moana Fish Eatery - best poke bowls in Canggu, delicious fish. Vegetarian options are very limited.
  • Bali Buda Kerobokan - health food store/restaurant, a lot of good options. You can also buy some organic groceries and bring home
  • Echo Beach Club - seafood grill. You pick seafood - they grill for you. I highly recommend lobster.
  • The Savage Kitchen - nice late-night dining. No sophisticated dishes, mostly simple and tasty dishes.
  • Sprout - good salads place, you can mix 3 different salads in one to try all. Be careful with seats, it’s hard to work a long time there.
  • The Shady Shake - an amazing vegetarian restaurant. Burrito with sweet potato skins is delicious. Mostly full, so don’t expect to be seated with a large group of people.
  • CRATE Cafe - delicious and big portions cafe. Always full, but queue goes pretty fast, and you can find a place relatively easy


Places to Work

  • District Canggu (Cafe) - my favorite place with the fast internet and nice coffee. Try bulletproof coffee.
  • Hungry Bird (Cafe) - good coffee, many nomads work there every day, easy to focus
  • Nude (Cafe) - personally, I wouldn’t say I like their food, but they have a room with air-conditioning and plugs, so easy to survive for a digital nomad.
  • Outpost Co-working - the best co-working place in Canggu, many good events, and nice people. If you stay longer and want to expand your network, definitely check this place.
  • Dojo Bali Co-working - second most popular co-working place in Canggu, it’s pretty crowded all the time there, and on a hot day, there is no place to hide. However, if you stay in the Batu Bolong area, that may be more convenient for you.
  • Dstrict Canggu Co-working - the same cafe which I mentioned as a cafe also has an upstairs co-working. Still, I value a community in co-working places, and it always empty, so I stick with cafe format.
  • Cinta Cafe - Fast internet, and cozy atmosphere. The egonomics is pretty bad, so would not recommend staying long



  • CrossFit Wanderlust - if you do CrossFit on an advanced level, this place is just amazing, open gym full day a lot of equipment and a pleasant atmosphere. Classes may be very crowded, so for group workouts, do a drop-in before subscribing.
  • Body Factory - new as for 2020 gym with premium equipment both for strength and functional fitness.
  • Nest Canggu - functional gym with different classes like interval, strength, boxing, etc. Recommended for socialization, but if you’re looking for an open gym, the scheduled time is not always convenient.
  • S2S CrossFit - small CrossFit gym in the Berawa area. Good community vibe, but extremely small, has only one rower, and a lot of essential equipment is not present.
  • Charlie Brown Surfing School - the best workout at Bali is to learn how to surf. Highly recommend this school, but make sure your instructor speaks english on desired level.



  • Canggu Station Store - convenient grocery store with many options for western foods. They have amazing sashimi-grade tuna, which you can slice and eat without cooking!
  • Frestive Supermarket - a big supermarket with all the necessary foods.
  • Bali Organic Online Store - an online store with next-day delivery. Organic foods, meat, fish, veggies, and other things. Price is slightly higher than average, but the quality is outstanding.
  • Remix Drinks Online Store - online store of cold-press juices and plant-based milk. Good quality milk without artificial sweeteners and oil.
  • Semat Sari Local Market - the cheapest place to buy fruits and veggies. Really local experience of buying groceries. Most of the shops open in till 12pm and re-open at 6pm.

Bonus: Retreats

  • Ki Ashiatsu (Kuta) - the best massage I had in my life. Amazing Japanese feet massage for full body. Highly professional therapists can crack your neck and help you to relax after long working hours.
  • Puspa massage Canggu - good quality massage without anything fancy. If you want to relax, it will be a decent massage at a low price.