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Help software product growth by getting top talented Engineers.

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How I help you with quality and cost-effective software solutions?

Software is not only code. It is the process. I am taking to help my clients; it is also the right process of working with business hand in hand.

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Why engage me?

Get on a 100% FREE consultation analysis of your product to give you a precise plan on who would be the best fit for your company. I built 30+ startups on a different scale, so I know who will best fit your team.

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While consulting across 20+ countries worldwide, I built a team of real hackers who can create any complex solution. For more distant technologies, I can connect you with thousands of talented engineers who I worked with before.

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Want to know how to build a remote team?

“Building engineering in the post-COVID era will never be the same. We need to learn new ways to hire fast best engineers, or we will be left behind the competition.”

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The book contains ground knowledge on building a remote engineering team to boost your business to the next level.

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